Columbus Area Elections

Area elections are now being held for the Buckeye Chapter. For this cycle, the Columbus Area with multiple candidates. They are:

Governor: Elliott Smith – Vice-Governor: Greg Thomas


Governess: Mandi Arnold – Vice-Governess: Jessica Frasure

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For more information about the candidates, their statements are as follows:

Governor: Elliott Smith
Vice-Governor: Greg Thomas
Governess: Mandi Arnold
Vice-Governess: Jessica Frasure
Elliott Smith
“As the future Governor of the Columbus, Ohio BMW Car Club, I am committed to elevating our automotive community to new heights. My vision is to foster a dynamic and inclusive environment where BMW enthusiasts come together to celebrate their shared passion for precision engineering and driving excellence. I pledge to organize engaging and diverse events, from exhilarating road trips through scenic routes to informative workshops on BMW technology and maintenance. Communication will be a priority, with regular updates on club activities, open forums for member input, and a commitment to transparency in decision-making. Furthermore, I will actively seek partnerships with local businesses, sponsors, and fellow automotive organizations to enhance the club’s offerings and benefits. Together, we will not only showcase the beauty and performance of BMW vehicles but also create a tight-knit community that thrives on mutual respect, camaraderie, and a genuine love for the ultimate driving experience.”
Mandi Arnold
“I would like to officially put my name in the running for the position of Governess of the Columbus area Buckeye Chapter. I believe my outgoing personality and willingness to organize and plan events will help with this position. I have been able to watch the club develop and grow with the current leadership and I would love to be a part of that team. Having been heavily involved with planning and working club events in the past, and a background as an Adventure Facilitator, I know my experience will be useful to the BMWCCA.

Some goals I have for the growth of the club would include a higher involvement of women in monthly meetings/events and HPDEs, continue to move our monthly meetings around the Columbus area to encourage higher numbers in club member engagement, and better utilize social media platforms to keep our members up to date on club happenings.
I plan to include more women in our club by adding events geared towards women to the club activities. These events could include drives through to wineries, women’s cars and coffee, and promoting BMW Women’s days. A huge goal would have a higher number of women in the Buckeye Chapter HPDE. I plan to work closely with other board members to explore avenues to make these ideas a reality.

When looking for monthly meeting locations, I would take into account: time of year, location, parking, and variety of food to offer. Our current governor does a great job and has utilized members in the club to help find fun locations. I plan to ask for recommendations from members, and work to get the events planned far enough in advance to give members ample time to plan on attendance. I will work closely with our social media manager to help get the word out on club events. I plan to also post photos and short live streams of events for members not in attendance to enjoy as well. Thank you for your consideration for the position of Columbus Area Governess. I look forward to working with the club in the future.”
Greg Thomas
“As Vice-Governor of the Columbus BMW CCA, my primary focus would be to assist the Governor and President create unparalleled experiences that showcase the brand’s excellence and connect with enthusiasts on a profound level. Leveraging my attention to detail, organizational prowess, and creative flair, I would meticulously plan and execute events that highlight BMW’s cutting-edge technology, performance, and luxury. Each occasion would be crafted to leave a lasting impression on attendees. Effective communication and collaboration with BMW dealerships, partners, and stakeholders would be paramount to ensure seamless execution. I would also explore innovative marketing strategies to enhance event visibility and attract a diverse audience. By fostering a sense of community among BMW enthusiasts and creating memorable moments, I aim to reinforce BMW’s position as a premier automotive brand synonymous with sophistication and driving pleasure.”
Jessica Frasure
“I would like to place my name for consideration for election as the Columbus area Vice Governor.

I have been a BMWCCA member since 2018 shortly before I attended my first O’Fest in Pittsburgh, PA. Our E46 M3 has taken us to many national and chapter events where I enjoy participating in TSD rally, driving tours, monthly Columbus area meetups and the Buckeye region go karting events. I was honored to serve as the Columbus Region Vice Governor in 2020 where I coordinated tech talks to allow our membership to continue to meet in a virtual Environment.

I greatly enjoyed my time serving the Columbus region and hope to be able to do so again. If elected, I plan to continue the great work done by the current leadership team of planning fun monthly events while incorporating more learning opportunities such as tech talks or new events like TSD rally and expanding the Sim Racing group. I enjoy working with members to tailor events to the group’s interests and learn new things from our membership. I hope to expand the types of activities the club offers to encourage more members to participate. Thank you for your consideration to serve the Buckeye Chapter and Columbus Region as Vice Governor. I look forward to another fun BMW filled year in 2024!”